Paws With a Purpose in Supporting Nancy

Created 11.15.2016 by Community Benefit Tree

$2,285.00 of $25,000.00 goal raised
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Nancy Paul is a 51 year old woman who lives in Eagle River, WI with her husband and son. Nancy became deathly ill from Type 1 diabetes when she was 12 years old. Since Nancy has been a Type 1 diabetic for most of her life, it has caused other health issues and diabetic complications for her. She is unaware of when her blood sugars drop or spike into dangerous levels. When Nancy's blood sugars drop dangerously low, which is called hypoglycemia, it causes seizures and loss of consciousness. When her blood sugars spike dangerously high, which is called hyperglycemia, it causes chest pains and heart attacks.

A diabetic alert dog would allow Nancy to take the action she needs to handle these situations when they occur. This is based on their ability to take advantage of their highly superior sense of smell to detect when her sugars are off. The dog can monitor her both day and night, and is trained to bring Nancy needed supplies. To train these diabetic Alert Dogs takes a lot of time and money. The cost is $25,000 and this is where your support is needed!