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Created 11.15.2016 by Community Benefit Tree

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Holly (Van Schyndel) Nixon, a 45 year old mother of 3 boys (ages 24, 22 and 16) was originally diagnosed with ovarian cancer on August 26, 2014. She had a total hysterectomy and went through 3 rounds of chemotherapy. The cancer was gone. Starting in February of 2016, Holly was experiencing back pain and called her gynecological oncologist. She went through a series of tests that included CT Scans, PET Scans and a biopsy. She found out that the cancer had returned and it was located in a lymph node in her abdomen. On March 30th, she had surgery to remove the tumor that was located on a muscle by her spine and by the 2 main arteries coming from her heart. Surgery was done, but her doctor was concerned because of the location, there was no way that it was all removed. Holly was to start radiation on May 3rd, but after getting the pathology report and finding out that this is a higher grade cancer and more aggressive than the ovarian cancer, they started chemotherapy on May 3rd instead. Holly will be having 3 rounds of chemotherapy and then a PET Scan will be done to see if there is cancer anywhere else. If there is not anymore cancer, she will undergo radiation, otherwise if there is more cancer she will endure more chemotherapy and radiation. Holly has been referred to the University of Minnesota for a second opinion and her treatment since this is a type of cancer that is unusual after ovarian cancer.

Holly is a single parent, who is not able to work during this time of treatment. She does not receive any disability pay from work. She does have medical insurance through her job yet, but she is responsible for paying her part of the premium. Blake is the only son that is still at home and she is trying hard to provide for him during this time when he is also struggling. She is responsible for the first $4000 of her medical bills. She needs helps with living expenses and medical bills.

The “Hope for Holly” Fund will help assist with medical and living expenses. Any funds raised over Hollyʼs needs will go to the Cure from Despair Fund, which assists families struggling financially because of a medical crisis. To help raise the funds, we are being assisted by Community Benefit Tree, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization. Any contributions you send to Community Benefit Tree on behalf of the “Hope for Holly” Fund will be tax deductible. At this time, we ask for any contributions you can make to the “Hope for Holly” fund or in-kind donations of gas, grocery, clothes gift cards. Each donation will be greatly appreciated and recognized on Community Benefit Treeʼs website.


Hollyʼs Celebration Fund Team