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March 31, 2019

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Kimberly, WI

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Garrett Page is a 29 year old husband to his high school sweetheart, Julia. Garrett was diagnosed with rare condition biliary atresia which is a chronic, progressive liver problem that became evident at birth.
Garrett underwent Kasai procedure when he was born and the doctors told his parents he would need a liver transplant by the time he was in 3rd grade. Garrett underwent many hospital visits growing up but it wasn’t until on New’s Year’s Day 2017 that he ended up in the hospital with hepatic encephalopathy. Garrett’s liver was declining fast, he was in and out of the hospital along with ambulance and medevac helicopter rides to UW Madison. He was added to the liver transplant list and in November 2018 Garrett received the gift of life, he received his liver.

Unfortunately, his new chance at life wouldn’t come without a huge medical debt. In the 18 months leading up to his transplant, his disability claim was denied by insurance and he could only work part-time when he felt well enough. Although Garrett is fortunate to have health insurance through his employer Kwik Trip, his medical expenses are in the thousands. Your donation would be greatly appreciated and will help with outstanding medical debt along with on-going prescription medication and living expenses.