A Purr-fect Time in Supporting the Jeske Family

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November 11,2017

A Purr-fect Time in Supporting the Jeske Family at Van Abel's

Kaukauna, WI

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  • Items We Need

    Items We Need

    The team is looking for the following items for the Celebration of Support:

    • Theme Baskets
    • Handmade items
    • Packer Tickets
    • Booze
    • Gift Certificate for a real tree
    • $100 worth of lottery tickets
    • Designer Purses
    • Bottles of wine
    • 1/4 or 1/2 or a cow or pig
    • Cabin stay
    • Condo Stay
    • Autographed items

    If you are able to help out please contact us.

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Sue Jeske is a 61 year young wife of Butch Jeske, mother to Mike Jeske and Mellisa Sauerhammer, and grandmother toAuttumm Sauerhammer and Max Jeske. In April of 2017, Sue started to get what felt like heartburn. Sue went to her family doctor and they gave her some meds to try. Sue was taken to the emergency room with really bad heartburn to the point Sue could not handle the pain. The doctors first observed Sue was jaundiced. After further testing (CT, Ultrasounds, EGD, x-rays), doctors found cancer. On May 21, 2017 we received the news it was incurable stage 4 cancer. The doctor suggested they start chemo to make her comfortable. Sue completed six rounds of chemo treatments. Followup testing revealed the cancer had spread.
Butch and Sue have medical insurance, but the coverage is limited. Sue was the primary provider for the family. Sue worked 40+ hours per week to pay the bills to support the family. Because Sue has passed away the family has limited income. With your help, the financial toll will be devastating to Sue's family.