Knowing your resources is very important when going through a medical crisis.. Educating our families about the resources that are available to them is important to us. Contact us today to find out the resources that are available to you.


Knowing the financial resources that available to you whether it be for financial assistance or financial education.

Financial Assistance Resources

Community Benefit Tree
Medical Financial Hardships
Apply for our Community Funds

Financial Hardships

Spierings Family Foundation
Hardships from Cancer

Hooked on a Cure
Hardships from Cancer

Dawn E Petersen Foundation
Medical Financial Hardship

Superheroes Fighting Cancer
Medical Financial Hardships

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation
Medical Financial Hardships

Financial Education Resources

Community Benefit Tree
Offers a financial sustainability plan and classes

Connect Inc
Educate on financial resources- wills,medical bills, insurance,etc..


If you are looking for other alternatives to traditional medicine here are some resources

Dr Mercola

The Truth about Cancer