Offering the right tools to assist our families struggling with a medical crisis along with helping their supporters to better support them is important to Community Benefit Tree. No one should have to struggle during a medical crisis- but if you do, Community benefit Tree is here to help!

When a family that is hit with a medical crisis, it often feels as though the world is turned upside down. CBT financially assist you in many ways to help families be sustainable during a medical crisis.


Families experiencing medical crises are sometimes too overwhelmed to ask for help or don’t have the energy to think about what they might need. Friends and other supporters might not even be sure what to do.

That is why we partner with the family supporters and provide them with the tools and resources they need to plan and execute a successful fund/spirit raiser. We provide event supplies and equipment, educational materials, website support pages, graphic design, raffle and credit card capabilities, event management system, a team communication center, tax deductibility, and mentors to help throughout the entire process.

With Community Benefit Tree, family supporters save TIME and MONEY, and raise an average of 30% MORE than they would on their own. Doing a good deed shouldn’t be a hard thing… let us make it easier for you. Don’t cut corners let us help make this a successful event with the guidance and tools of success. A fundraiser or what we like to call a Celebration of support that celebrates the person’s life and the families support is a one time event. Let us help you do it right the first time.

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CBT Tools:

  • Event Supplies (Ex: Raffle tickets, baskets, wrap, kid’s game prizes, etc.…)
  • Event Equipment (Ex: Raffle drums, cash boxes, bucket containers, kid’s games, etc.…)
  • Website Donation Support Page
  • Social Media Event page and promotion
  • Graphic Design (of event logo, solicitation letters, posters, programs, etc…)
  • Online Team Communication Center
  • Event Management System
  • Mentoring Support
  • Training Tools and Sessions
  • Bookkeeping
  • Raffle license
  • Nonprofit Tax Exempt Status
  • Credit Card Machines- ability to accept Credit card machines
  • Partner Network
  • Discount Printing

Our recorded of success: 12 years raising over 4.5 million directly in support of local families!

Support Us Fund

What is a Support Us Fund? When a medical crisis arises, it affects not only the person going through the crisis, but their entire family as well. A support us fund is for the whole family affected by the medical crisis in supporting them financially. A Support Us Fund includes the fact that all monetary donations are tax deductible and managed for a family who is going through a medical crisis. Whether you are a business wanting to contribute funds for your employee; a relative, friend or neighbor who would like to donate money to your loved one who is going through a medical crisis; or an individual who wants to seek funding and contributions, the  Support Us Fund can be established to assist with those needs.

CBT Tools:
 Website Donation Support Page
 Social Media Event page and promotion
 Graphic Design (of event logo, solicitation letters, posters, programs, etc…)
 Online Communication Center
 Mentoring Support
 Training Tools and Sessions
 Bookkeeping
 Raffle license
 Nonprofit Tax Exempt Status
 Partner Network
 Discount Printing

Community Funds

Community funds are developed to assist with helping an individual and their family with immediate financial assistance. Not able to plan a Celebration of Support event or just need a little financial assistance? You can apply here. Whether the assistance is with paying medical bills or living expenses such as rent, mortgage, grocery bills, gas, etc…. The Paws Parade of Hope Fund provides assistance to individuals with cancer, and the Strike out for Cancer Days Fund provides assistance to pediatric cancer. The Cure from Despair Fund is our general fund which assists anyone going through a medical crisis that needs financial assistance.


Cure from Despair Fund

Founder’s: Community Benefit Tree’s Main Fund- supported by Generous Donors.

Purpose of the fund: Helping individuals financially struggling with a medical crisis.

Story of the fund: This fund was started to be able to help individuals and their families who were unable to plan a Celebration of Support event or only need a little financial assistance.

Conditions of the Fund: Anyone struggling with a medical crisis. Max $1,000. Copies of bills need to be sent directly to us if paying medical or living bills otherwise gift cards can be given for groceries, gas, clothes,etc.. 


Paws Parade of HOPE Fund

Founder’s: Green Bay Cancer Fighters

Purpose of the fund: to help qualified applicants battling cancer with monetary aid during a time of need.

Story of the Fund: The Paws Parade of Hope fund is the benefactor of a yearly fundraiser held to honor our pets for their healing & therapeutic presence in our life and battling catastrophic illnesses such as cancer. It is sponsored by the Green Bay Cancer Fighters, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Community Benefit Tree.

Conditions of the Fund: Cancer victims with max of $500 per applicant. Bills to be paid by Community Benefit Tree for approved applicant. Applicants must disclose other monetary assistance at time of applications.


Strikeout Cancer Day Fund

Founder: Strike Out Cancer Day Event- Sarah-Beth Janssen

Purpose of the fund: To provide financial assistance to qualified Northeastern Wisconsin families battling pediatric cancer. Funds are available to help with medical expenses, travel expenses, or everyday living expenses.

Story of the fund: In an effort to give back to the community, Strike Out Cancer Day was founded by Sarah-Beth Janssen in 2005. Thanks to the Timber Rattlers, many additional sponsors and our team of volunteers, we provide local families battling pediatric cancer a day to forget about fighting their disease, relax as a family and find support from other families in attendance. As the event has grown so have our fundraising efforts. Because of this we’ve established the fund to assist local families in need.

Conditions of the Fund: Families applying must have a current pediatric cancer patient and will be limited to 1 claim per child for life up to $2,000 in assistance. Bills will be paid by Community Benefit Tree for all approved applicants. Applicants must disclose other monetary assistance at the time of the application.


Community Benefit Tree assists all of our families. We reach out to those in the community that are struggling with a medical crisis with creating a plan for sustainability. This plan will guide you and give you direction regarding what support you might need and how to establish a medical crisis budget. When you are in the midst of a medical crisis having support gives you relief and hope!

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1 hour team training sessions- How to put on a successful individual medical fundraiser.  Contact us TODAY to sign up for a FREE One on One -1 hour training session that will equip your team with tools and knowledge in planning a successful benefit. Minimum of 3 people. Q & A will follow.