Emotional Support is vital! Encouraging words and a sympathetic ear make the difference for a family struggling with a medical crisis. It is helpful to have individuals, to have a community come together to support those struggling. CBT realizes that emotional support is important and offer ways to assist you.

Request A Care Package

CBT Hope team has assembled care packages for families in hospitals waiting for their love one to give them support. These care packages have blankets, socks, snacks, games, body products, backpacks, gift cards, reading materials and more…

What we need from you is if you know of a family that could use a care packages please contact us and let us know their names and what hospital they are staying at so we can deliver them a care package by fill out the following form:

Request A Care Package

THANK YOU for your help!

Sympathetic Ear

Sometimes we can help by simply lending an ear to listen and a hug for comfort, or giving support and wisdom to help you to emotionally survive your crisis. We know facing a medical crisis can be such a burden but knowing we are here for you and that you are not going through it on your own can ease your  burden.

Contact us today – we are here for you!


As a caregiver we want to equip you with the 5 essential  tools.

  1. Evaluate – the situation and determine what are the immediate needs and what can wait.
  2. Ask – When the time comes and before it gets to be too much ask for help and be ok with others helping, pride has no place when you family is struggling with a medical crisis. Whether is be from a friend, family member or nonprofit resource, ask. What help you could need help with meals, cleaning, yard work, watching the kids, ride to an appointment, repairs, etc… If you are struggling financial get immediate help before it gets out of control.
  3. Time – Take time for yourself don’t let yourself get burnt out. When you start to feel overwhelmed go for a walk, get a massage, go out for lunch with friends, read a book, watch a movie in point take the time for yourself.  You will be of no help if you can’t help yourself!
  4. Record – When going to appointments or any medical contact make sure to have a notebook or recorder to write down or record information given to you by the medical person. Along with a binder or file folder to keep all pertinent information such as medication current and past, medical records, doctors, specialists info, insurance info, etc…
  5. Advocate – for your loved one. No one can know or care more than the person going through it and the person who is their caregiver. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to get a second opinion or decide on an alternative treatment. Do what is right for your loved one and their health and survival!

Helping Hands Membership

Helping Hands Membership  is offered to our families in assisting them financially and emotionally taking off the burden put on our families at the time of their medical crisis. We have partnered with area businesses  and organizations that are assisting us with helping them out!

Helping Hands Partners – please patronize these amazing supporters!


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