Those that educate themselves about their medical crisis have a greater chance of surviving their medical crisis then those who do not. Educating our families and the community is important to CBT so we offer classes and educational blogs and materials.


Educational Classes Offered

  • Getting to know a Great resource in your community– Community Benefit Tree’s mission and the programs we offer in helping those in the community suffering with a medical crisis.
  • Navigating a Medical crisis-It can be challenging to know what you need to do when going through a medical crisis, come and learn how to overcome and navigate those challenges and get on the right path.
  • Tips on having a successful individual benefit fundraiser-Doing a good deed shouldn’t be a hard thing… this class assists family supporters and provides them with the knowledge and resources they need to plan and execute a successful fund/spirit raiser for a love one
    struggling with a medical crisis.
  • How to have financial medical wellness-Majority of Americans are one medical emergency away from financial ruin. Planning for the possibility of a medical crisis may not be a pleasant task, but if it helps to ensure your family’s financial security and peace of mind, it’s
    well worth the effort. If you are going through a medical financial crisis find out how to overcome it. Come learn how to have financial medical wellness.
  • Ways to show compassion to a co-worker/employee during a medical crisis– Empowering Employers, HR Departments, Managers, Co-workers with the right tools to assist in helping your employee’s, co-workers and clients when they are going through a medical crisis.When a family goes through a medical crisis their whole world gets turned upside down. A workplace environment that knows how to support the family in crisis can increase employee engagement and retention and can ease a huge burden off the family by having your support. We will be sharing what a strong supportive work environment looks like.
  • Survival Tips for Caregivers-taking care of a loved one can be so overwhelming come join us and learning how to survive the overwhelming challenge.
  • How can I/we make a difference for a family struggling through a medical crisis- crisis?-it is hard to watch a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc… go through a medical crisis and it is even harder standing by and do nothing. Let us help you… help them. We will equip you with that knowledge.

All classes are free, educational materials are provided and are 1 hour in length which included Q & A time.

If you are interested in any of the following classes above please contact us at [email protected] or (920) 422-1919.

“Knowledge is Power”
Francis Bacon