Tips in showing compassion to your employee’s when they or their family member is going through a medical crisis.
Tip #1 Flexible Work Schedule- Working from home, coming and going as they feel, allowing co-workers to take on their workload and responsibilities, schedule meetings and work hours around treatments, conference calls, etc…
Tip #2 Ask what they need- the best way in helping your employee is asking them what their needs are and how you can help them.

Tip #3 Emotional Support – be aware of your local resources that offer counseling and support groups or get an Employee Assistance Program which assists your employees to local resources, send cards, flowers and/or care packages, do frequent check up calls or emails, letting them know you are there for them.
Tip #4 Financial Support- create PTO programs, allow employees to give their PTO hours to their co-worker, creating an individual medical fund for employees and employer to donate funds to or donate gas cards.
Tip #5 Allowing Co-worker Support- keeping co-workers updated, sharing the employees workload, organizing coworker support activities such as gifts of time ex: household chores, making meals, driving to doctors appointments, etc…, planning a fundraiser whether it be a small in office one ( ex:Bake sale, jeans day, etc…) or outside the office (ex: benefit event, car wash, rummage sale,etc…)
Tip #6 Job Security- doing whatever it takes to keep their job available until they get back.
Tip #7 Benefit Checkup – Early analysis of insurance benefits to determine medicals expenses, checking into what paid time off they have remaining,checking into any other benefits you offer as a company that might assist the employee and their family.

To set up an individual medical fund, plan a fundraiser or find out how Community Benefit Tree can help your company with employee medical crisis contact us at (920) 422-1919.