“Thank you so very much for all your planning and help for the benefit for Travis Dorn on July 31st…it was a huge success.  Everyone’s effort was greatly appreciated and the outcome was overwhelming.  We will never forget your thoughtfulness and generosity.  Please know that we truly appreciated everything you did with your advice, direction, personal assistance, use of material and your support…it was awesome.  God has truly blessed us by placing each of you in our lives.  May God Bless!!”

Jim and Lorne Dorn Parents of Travis Dorn

“Thank you for all the hard work you, and everyone else put into the benefit. you and your family truly are amazingly wonderful giving people.”

Barb Buchhols – Friend of Nathan Zdanovec Family – Past recipient

“Thank you so very, very much for helping Deb Jansen & Kim Senecal(our sister-in-laws) organize the benefit for son Craig. As I write out all these Thank You’s I know that there truly are Angels amongst us, and you are truly one of the Angel’s.”

Jerry & Donna Jansen – Parents of Craig Jansen – Past recipient

“The Seminar on Monday was a very big help and so is the booklet you handed out. You guys/girls do an excellent job with everything and I am so glad there are people out there that can help with stuff like this!!Thank you, Kim Guns”

Sister to recipients John & Holly Brosig

“Dear Heidi, There are few words to describe how Randy’s benefit went with the closest being AWESOME!! The family and employees of Neenah Paper were totally floored by the generosity of the people of New London and the surrounding area. We were expecting maybe 300 people and got 4 to 5 times that many with many, many, surprise monetary donors. Right up to and past 8p.m. quitting time we had a crowd of 200 or so. With the matching funds, surprise donations and with what we made today I see no reason why we don’t hit a conservative estimate of $20,000.00. Our donors so deserve recognition as does your organization, if it hadn’t been for your organization it wouldn’t have been as half as good without you guys. I know I will and on behalf of the other employees will be spreading the word about Community Benefit Tree. Your team is right up there with the people of New London in being totally AWESOME!!! Thank you so much as lives were touched whether they were donors, helpers, young, old, employees or family members they all learned a lesson in life today that you take care of your own when their in need.”

Ray Tompkins of the Randy Moeller benefit.

“Thank You-Thank You-Thank You for your time. What a ton of information you gave last night. You have been a great help to us in planning our benefit. It is greatly appreciated!!”

Connie Klotzbuecher

“Community Benefit Tree, Thank You for all the help and planning for the benefits. Thank you for the use of all the supplies. You have a wonderful organization!! When someone is in need it is a comfort to know there is help available!! Thank You Greatly.”

Roger & Theresa Beaber

“Hello Heidi & LeAnn- Many, many, many thanks to you and the Community Benefit Tree team! Your direction and support was priceless!! When we first started the planning of the benefit we had no idea the effort it would take to put it together – both physical and mental. It helped so much knowing you were there to answer any questions. We all have a new appreciation for the work you do and those who plan a benefit. Thanks again and please pass on our gratitude to Karla, Denise, Diane, Ann, Carol and everyone else who helped us along the way.”

Missy Brown & the entire committee – Rachel Jahnke Benefit – Past Recipient

“Heidi- I can’t thank you enough for sending me these monthly emails. Last month, I discovered that one of my wife’s cousins from Green Bay(Pat Massart) was having a benefit on May 13. We did not realize she had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. We cut our camping weekend short to be home to attend the benefit at the Riverside Ballroom – an IMMENSE TURNOUT and a wonderful reunion for us with Pat & her family. Thanks again for your terrific service.”

Mike Holzknecht – Pat Massart Benefit – Past Recipient

“Dear Community Benefit Tree – a belated but well deserved Thank You! We truly appreciated all of the support that you provided to the Pas Massart Benefit. It was a huge success and that would not have been possible without the involvement & support of CBT! Your educational class and planning book were invaluable. Enclosed is a donation for CBT to use in whatever way you think it will make the most impact. We truly believe in giving back to the community and hope this donation will help future benefits! Thanks again!”

Pat Massart Benefit Committee

“Community Benefit Tree-Thank You! We wanted to thank you for everything you did to help make the Benefit for Shari and Nicholas Anderson a huge success. We were able to raise over $20,000.00. Without your assistance this would not have been possible. We received many, many compliments on how well organized the benefit was. Thank you for providing us with the information and tools that we needed to organize the benefit so well. Many thanks to Heidi for her continued assistance throughout the planning process.”

The Anderson Family

“Thank you and everyone so much for all you have done. We thank God everyday for this opportunity you and the Community Benefit Tree have made possible.”

Robin Van Gompel – Justin’s Mom – Past recipient

“Without your organization’s help this would never been possible, but with the money that we made from the benefit and bargaining with the hospitals and the doctors my brother is now debt free with no medical bill left to pay, isn’t that the best news you have ever heard, I just thought that you would once in awhile like to hear something positive and know that what you are doing really does help people. Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Karen Grotenhuis – Sister of Dave Garrow

“Dear Heidi & Community Benefit Tree, on behalf of the Frank Kielbasa Benefit Committee, Frank’s Family and the many a friends and co-workers of Frank Kielbasa we wish to extend our extreme gratitude for your generosity and kindness during Frank’s fund raising benefit. Although Frank did not survive his illness long enough for a lung transplant, with your help we raised over $13,000.00 to be used toward the mounting expenses incurred by his long and painful battle against Pulmonary Fibrosis. Your gift of advice and direction, personal assistance, and use of materials truly helped make this event a great success for Frank’s family and survivors. We cannot begin to express our appreciation for those who have shown their support for Frank and his family. It has been people like you who have touched Frank’s family and friends in a most special way. Heidi we couldn’t have done without you! Again thank you for your kindness, and God Bless.”

Frank Kielbasa Benefit Committee

“Great Sponsors
Our Wonderful Volunteers
Day of memories
Band that rocked
Love from family, friends and strangers
Eats galore
Silent Auctions
Sure we are blessed!
Thanks to all the people who put long hours on the day of the benefit. We want to thank all the businesses that made donations to the benefit. A big thanks to the Community Benefit Tree for all you do to make things a little easier when a tragedy strikes. With the many prayers, people and lots of hard work we made a difference during Jim’s recovery process. Special thanks go out to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, The Stadium View, The Band Rocker, Mailman Pack, Post and Print, Schneider National, Wal-Mart Super Center/De Pere, The Employee’s of Robinson Metal and Mr. & Mrs. John Keating for their generosity. Many thanks go out to all the dedicated volunteers we could not have done this without you. We will keep all of you in our hearts and in our prayers. God Bless.”

The Jim Patton Benefit Committee

“Thank for everything. We received so many compliments on how well the benefit was run, and I always tell them that was because of the help we received from the Community Benefit Tree. You were there with all the information when we needed it. Thank you so much.”

Connie Klotzbuecher – Annette Ziebell Benefit – Past Recipient

“Thanks to you for all your help and guidance in leading us through this event.”

Dennis and Janice Rohr – Joy Moeller Committee – Past Recipient

“Dear Heidi & Community Benefit Tree Members, We don’t even know where to begin to thank all of you for all you’ve done. When our family members and friends presented their idea of a benefit to us we were so shocked. Why would all these people want to help us. WOW were we surprised, and needless to say very overwhelmed. The benefit was such a success and will take a tremendous financial burden away from our family, without your organization and all your help this would not have been possible. You people are the GREATEST!!! From the bottom of our hearts thank you very, very much. The world is a better place because of the beautiful people like you. God bless you all!”

Jay Frassetto Family

“Thank You for all your guidance and support we could not have done all this without you ( or not as smoothly). Your meeting and handbook helped us tremendously! God Bless each and everyone of you for all the help you give others to help those in need.”

Janice Rohr – Joy Moeller Benefit

“Thank you for all you’ve done for Kathy Stedjee C.O.S. Event. We really appreciate your support and all the time you all put into this Event. Lars is an employee of ours. He is really pleased with all you have done. ‘GREAT WORK!'”

Birlings Bovine’s: Mike, Jean, Dan, Jim, Sora, Tammy & Cindy

Annual Report

The Community Benefit Tree  is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization the relies on generous contributions from the communities in which it serves. These funds aren’t just contributions, they help us investment in the community members. We are working on creating a sustainable funding source through our CBT Celebration Center that will assist in funding our programs for years to come.

Community Benefit Tree  continually reviews our services and needs of our families to effectively met the needs of those struggling with a medical crisis.Our most up to date financial information can be found in our most current annual report.


Click below for the Community Benefit Tree  990.