To empower individuals and families to effectively navigate a medical crisis, encompassing finances, health resources and spiritual well-being.


The vision of the Community Benefit Tree (CBT) is to enable a community to come together to support those struggling through a medical crisis.

Statement of Faith

The Lord calls us to help the sick, the lost and hungry and to be a reflection of His COMPASSION. CBT reflects the compassion of Jesus Christ and the HOPE that is in Him. CBT recognizes the direction of our organization is lead by our FAITH in God. That He is ultimately in control of our organization and will provide the financial means to go in the direction He leads us in.


The Community Benefit Tree was established in June of 2004. It was started as a labor of love after hosting the Larry Wolfinger Charity Golf Outing in memory of Lawrence ( Larry) Wolfinger who passed away at the age of 54 from a heart attack. The committee of the  first golf outing decided to give the proceeds to the event to a family, who’s daughter was a diabetic and was in need of a glass eye in which the family could not afford. After the first golf outing the decision was made to continue giving the proceeds of the event to more individuals and their families that were struggling financially because of a medical crisis. After 12 years of planning the golf outing Heidi Frederickson (daughter of Larry Wolfinger) and Karla Wolfinger (wife of Larry Wolfinger) saw the increasing need in the community and were led by the grace of God to help out more families struggling with a medical crisis thus started the Community Benefit Tree.