What makes an individual and family qualified for financial assistance of any kind?

They have to have or will be a financial strain because of a medical crisis.

What services do you offer for putting on a fundraising event?

Is there upfront cost for CBT's fundraising programs?

There is no upfront cost to the family supporters or the family.

Why should I go through Community Benefit Tree for fundraising help versus doing it on my own or going through a Crowdfunding fundraising page?

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, CBT is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible.

Can I have CBT’s help in planning an individual fundraiser without the family's consent or knowing about it?

No, CBT will need their approval, we need to verify they are a real person in a real financial need. Also you should never hold a fundraiser for an individual without their permission. What in case they don’t want the help, they don’t need the financial help or they don’t want their private information out there for everyone to see. Holding an event like this can be a private matter. It is not like a birthday party where you invite a few friends this is an event where you invite everyone including the general public. So get their permission first.

How long does it take to get approved?

Approval process depends on how long it takes the family and the family supporters to get the information gathered that CBT needs and interview appointments. Approx: 7 to 10 days

How does the funds from the event or support us page get distributed?

The family submits bills/invoices and the CBT request form for us to make payment(s) and/or purchase gift cards for gas, groceries, clothing, etc.. No monetary funds will be given directly to the family.Accountability for the financial sustainability of the family is the goal of the funds. Funds are monitored by CBT to partner with the family to work on the sustainability plan together.

How long does it take for the family to be able to access the funds?

Once there is funds in the account the family can start accessing the funds and does not have to wait until the fundraiser. Plan accordingly when requesting funds, request can take 1 to 2 weeks unless in case of an emergency.

What can the funds be used for?

Medical bills, not covered by insurance

  • Mortgage/rent payments due monthly
  • Utilities
  • Phone bills
  • Mechanical repairs to your vehicle, no body repairs
  • Car payments due monthly
  • Cable/Internet bills
  • Credit card bills can be paid only if used for recipient’s medical
    and living expenses
  • Handicap vehicle, only if requested in your solicitation
  • Repairs to home, only to make it handicap accessible
  • Fuel for vehicle – in the form of gas gift cards
  • To purchase groceries you will need to request store gift cards

Any other requests outside of the ones mentioned above must be considered and approved by The Community Benefit Tree’s Review Board Team.

What are CBT’s program fees?

CBT programs are no charge with the exception of fundraising which is 10% of the funds raised. If CBT’s fundraising tools are used correctly they can help you raise 30 % more then the family supporters would on their own.

Is there requirements of the family supporters planning a fundraiser?

The following is required:

Team Expectations:

  • Attend and participate in planning meetings- once a month-approx. 1 to 1 ½ hr.
  • Solicit 30 to 40 businesses and individuals for donations
  • Attend a one to one chairperson training session-approx. 1 hr.
  • If the opportunity presents itself to volunteer or attend a CBT sponsored Celebration of
  • Support prior to your event.
  • Obtain volunteers to help with prep work or at the event, promote the event, and soliciting for donations.
  • Promote the event by sharing it with your support network via social media and other appropriate means.
  • Reasonable Response time to phone calls, Basecamp or other forms of communication within 48 hours.

Is there requirements of the fund promoters starting a Support Us Fund?

The following is required:

  1.  Promote the fund
    2.    Meet with Community Benefit Tree, Inc. once a month
    3.    Attend an orientation session
    4.   Assist in other alternative fundraising opportunities

What is expected of the family relating to the event/fund?


What you can do for your event:

  1. Create an invitation list of people you want to invite.
  2. Provide 2 pictures and one paragraph of information about yourself for the letter, poster and other PR materials for the event.
  3. You can suggest activities for the event or tell us if there is something you would prefer not to have.
  4. Ideas for a place and date to hold the event.
  5. The team should keep you informed of event progress.

What you should NOT be doing for your event:

  1. Managing any of the funds.
  2. Being part of the planning team
  3. If you are having concerns please contact us.


What you should do:

  1. Enjoy yourself and embrace the hugs and support.
  2. Take a break if you need one. Go for a drive, go into a different room, go home and take a nap, whatever you might need. Listen to your body.
  3. Thank You – thank everyone for their support!

What you should NOT be doing:

  1. Volunteering or taking care of any event management details.
  2. Stressing about any of the event details and management.

How long does it take to get approved?

Approval process depends on how long it takes the family and the family supporters to get the information gathered that CBT needs and interview appointments. Approx: 7 to 10 days

What happens when the medical financial crisis is over?

After your medical financial crisis is over the funds will continue to bless others struggling with
a financial medical crisis. Cure from Despair fund was started to be able to assist individuals and their families struggling with any type of medical crisis in need of a little  financial assistance. The fund can assist with medical and living expenses. This fund is in place to give a hand up during a time of GREAT need! Giving of that which you do not need to others who
are in need!