Medical Crisis Support Center

Assist the families & supporters with the right tools in caring for those in the community struggling with a medical crisis.

Crowdfunding Done Different

Community Benefit Tree is more than crowdfunding, we not only support those who want to help the family but we also support the family. We assist with fund/spirit raisers, we verify credibility of the family in need, assist the family in a financial sustainability plan and we help the family maintain accountability of the funds received.
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So, what makes CBT different than crowdfunding sites?

  • Credibility
  • Event Support
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Tax Deductibility
  • PLUS a passionate group of people who are committed to making a difference.

At Community Benefit Tree, we’re with you from the start and remain till the need is ended to ensure that you and your family get the help and support you need. Watch our video.

By donating to Community Benefit Tree, you will be equipping us to better serve people in the community at a most crucial time. We are serving more families than ever before with financial solutions for those struggling with a financial medical crisis. Whether through your business, congregation, civic club, school or your individual gift, we use your cash gift with ensuring that your donation goes even further.
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Current Celebration of Support Funds & Events

Grilling Out In Supporting Porkchop

Dick ” Porkchop” Acord

Kidney Transplant
Patrick Brown

Kicking Up Support for Patrick

Congenital Heart Disease
Rocking Out Support for Garrett

Garrett Page

condition biliary atresia
Help Super G Fight for Her Life

Ginger Gobel Fund

Metastatic Breast Cancer
Let's Keep Mark MOO-VING!

Mark Mielke Celebration of Support

Heart Disease-Venous Stasis Ulcers
Music Is Life That’s Why Our Hearts Have Beats

Tera Hafermann Celebration

Rooted in an a-MAES-ing Life Fund

Gary Maes

Shake Rattle & Roll for Linda's Life Fund

Linda Krabbe

liver disease
Medical Monopoly Golf Classic

Medical Monopoly Golf Classic

Golf Outing
#JonesyForTheWin One Day at a Time

Allen Jones

car accident
Awareness Ribbon Contest

Awareness Ribbon Contest

Awareness Ribbon Contest
Rock n Roll with Kevin

Rock n Roll with Kevin

Cerebral Palsy
Built Kehl Tough Driving Up Your Support

Built Kehl Tough Driving Up Your Support

car accident

Sailing Towards A Hopeful Horizon for Bob

Angiosarcoma Cancer

Reeling Dan Back Into The Stream Of Life

Chronic Lyme Disease

Jackie’s Fishin for Remission Fund

Lyme Disease

5 Elements of Supporting Katy

Chronic Lyme Disease
Deadline for nominations!

Compassionate Employer Award

Looking For Nominations For The 2018 Compassionate Employer Award
26th Annual Larry Wolfinger Charity Golf Outing

Larry Wolfinger Charity Golf Outing

charity golf outing event
LIFE Celebration Night

LIFE Celebration

Mark your calendars!
Paws Parade of Hope Fund

Paws Parade of Hope Fund

Cancer Fund

Where Does The Money Go?

Community Benefit Tree assists many local families struggling with a medical crisis . The funds raised support the financial sustainability of these families with their living and medical expenses. See below for a breakdown.











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